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Monthly Archives: November 2019

All crew pumped and ready to race. Captain Pete, Neil, Jenna, and myself. Prepped and ready to roll. We had to dampen our enthusiasm for a bit as the start was delayed for 15 min to accommodate a huge tanker traversing the course.

Oil tanker delaying the race start.

After the tanker had moved off, the race got underway. Emma ward got off to a flying start and was just pipped across the start line by a smidgen. She cleared away from the rest of the field and headed round the first buoy with a good lead. Unfortunately, as we headed into the second leg, one of the traveller blocks broke causing a delay and a slight loss of maneuverability. This allowed the field to make up the time and as we rounded the second last buoy we were neck and neck with Qcumber. Heading upwind into a 20+ knot wind and sailing close hauled, the crew had to hang on and at the same time replace the traveller block shackle.

Turning for home with all repairs complete, we couldn’t make up the gap from Qcumber who after some great sailing by her skipper and crew crossed the line 3 min ahead of us in first place. Emma Ward crossed the finish line in a well deserved second place.

After the race we had to wait for about two hours before we could access the lock. So we dropped the anchor, flashed up the barbeque and kicked back with snags and a beer.

Here is the link for Race 2 results:


Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there for the first race due to interstate work commitments. Captain Pete, Greg, Neil and Jenna were there to ensure Emma Ward looked her best for the first race.

There were some tactical errors, a problem with the traveller and the main sheet block broke. “A bit of a disaster” was the Captain’s words. All in a days’ sail.

Next weekend we get to do it all again.

Check out the race results.