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Monthly Archives: July 2018

So, Emma Ward was fitted with a new boom bag on Friday. A very nice fit indeed and the colour match to the headsail is halfway to making her new look complete.

So, with that comes a new configuration of lazy jack lines. Captain and I discussed some configuration options with Scott the sail maker and made a mental list of what we needed to purchase in order to get the job done. We had a diagram to go by so we could double check everything that night. After much studying and discussing, we had it all worked out. Then came that look. The look you get when the Captain gives orders without saying a word. The look that says, ‘it’s your turn to go up the mast’. Damn it. It was my turn. Captain had been up the mast to fix some lines in our early days of ownership. I remembered saying that to keep things fair, I would have the next turn up the mast. Damn it.

Off to The Yacht shop we went. We needed two new swivel blocks and some new line for the lazy jacks.

Well, there was no point in stressing about it. Thank goodness it was a calm day. On went the safety gear and up, up, up I went. Pockets stuffed with equipment needed and my phone tucked into the front of my shirt for that all important birds eye photo of our boat.

I was a little shaky, understandably. After all, I have difficulty mastering a common step ladder! A few deep breaths,  telling myself to stay calm, I did what was needed to be done. I had to cut the old lazy jack line which was attached to the mast on a saddle. Then attach the new line and thread it threw the swivel block, pass the line down the mast and repeat on the other side. I must have been up there for at least half an hour. I can tie a bow line no problem on deck yet when it comes to tying one under a slightly stressful situation, it takes me a tad longer.

I didn’t get that birds eye shot. I was clinging so tightly to the mast, I just couldn’t manoeuvre myself around to comfortably take the phone out of my shirt front. I was actually more concerned about dropping it.


Whilst up there, I did have one thought about clothing. Pockets were kind of useless when you are sitting in the Bosun’s chair. You can’t really get your hand in the pockets, or even wriggle enough to assist. So, I stuffed as much as I could into my shirt front and let my bra hold it all in place. Very handy storage indeed.

Right, so we’ve both been up the mast now. I guess next time a job needs doing, we will have to draw straws.