Our Dream

Departing Bayview Marina, Darwin NT.

Sunday 3rd July after a slight desalinator delay, we departed the marina as the Purple Pirates!

How lovely it was to have our amazing friends gather at the marina to send us of on our way.

We have been passing through those lock gates countless times over the past five years with the look of freedom in our eyes and the feeling of adventure in our souls, always wondering how it would feel passing through on this very day. The day we have been planning and preparing for since purchasing Emma Ward.

How did we feel? Elated, relieved, excited, apprehensive.

Captain Peter said it felt satisfying and exciting. We had bided our time, prepared ourselves and Emma Ward and now we stood on the threshold of our big adventure.

As the green light came on to signal it was safe to exit the lock, our eyes met and a soft smile passed between us. The revs were increased and off we went.

It would be a year and lots of sea miles under the keel before we used the Bayview lock again.