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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Living in the tropics has many advantages. All round summer weather whilst enjoying a  mojito cocktail by the pool. Unfortunately on the downside, is the toll which hot weather takes on everything! Which leads to today’s handyman job, fixing the leaking windows. A few weeks ago, we had quite a storm with lots of cooling rain. Great for the land, not so for leaky windows on a yacht. We went to see Emma Ward on the following day to discover about an inch of water on the ledge behind the settee. The back of the settee was also quite wet where the rain had leaked in.

As we sponged up the water, we remembered that prior to purchasing Emma Ward, as she was in the slip having a pre purchase inspection, the marine engineer has discovered two leaking side windows, which he fixed. Now, eight months on, being exposed to the tropical sun, the rubber strip has deteriorated and needed repairing.

Hopefully, all is sealed now. To be checked upon the next downfall of rain.