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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Our headsail had been damaged during Tropical Cyclone Marcus.

  As a result, we decided to use our storm jib as we were determined to finish the wet season race series. It’s always heart warming to know that when in need, those around you will step up and lend a helping hand. So it was with fellow sailors. I received a call on Friday afternoon to say that a spare head sail was available for us to use on Sunday’s race. Beauty!!

Down we trot to the marina on Saturday to fit the sail and get race ready. We were very grateful and excited to have the loan headsail. Well, overjoyed actually.

The winds were 15 plus knots, waves about 1 metre. The start out from the Sailing Club in Fannie Bay was rather hectic. There would have been at least 30 boats, so it was very chaotic indeed.

The weather was perfect. A great day to be out on the water. We raced well as a team and most importantly, had fun.







We knew the day before that Emma Ward was having a little engine issue – well quite a biggie really- she wouldn’t start. The Captain went through some routine checks and came to the conclusion that it was the starter motor. So the mechanic was all booked to come at 9:30am race day morning.


Yep, all rusted out. Mechanic saves the day, contact with the supply proved fruitful and he was able to collect one for us. Out he trots to collect it. I consider myself a bit of an opportunist (well, when it suits me to be so) and I did purchase a Dyson not so long ago. I thought it quite normal and considered the ‘done thing’ to Dyson out the engine bay whilst there was a most opportune moment.

I am also keen to get my a hands dirty and learn as much as I can about the engine so that we can be self sufficient when sailing is our full time occupation. So there I am, squished into a little hatch box, learning about starter motors and trying to see how it all fits together. I actually had that space bookmarked for clothing storage. Hmmm . Will need to rethink that one.

A new starter motor fitted, a few less dollars in the back pocket and we are away. half an hour late but away!!

Crew was low yet spirits are always high. There’s no time to practice today, we are straight into it. I thought we were going to make it first over the start line, but Scallwag had the better angle and beat us by a whisker.

Here’s a few snapshots of our race day. There’s not many today – all four hands on deck were very busy with those running sheets.