Our Dream

WE WON…..woohoo!!!!

After having a diver scrape the bottom, hopes were high that Emma would be bask to her best performance.

Sure enough, she sliced through the water like a hot knife through butter.

A good start saw us in first place at the first buoy and she was never headed past from that point on. At times the wind was gusting up to 22 knots. She was making between five and six knots through the water. The problems with the traveller clam cleats persisted, so new ones have been bought and installed ready for next race day. The tilt o meter was showing between 30 and 35 degrees at times. Emma Ward crossed the finish line with a distance of six minutes between her and the next yacht,.She was first across the line and first on handicap.

This result has taken her to the top of the cruising division after five races. The $100 prize money was well spent on two new clam cleats for the traveller and a bottle of wash and wax. As a reward, for her great performance, the Captain spent all of the following weekend washing and polishing Emma .

Congrats to the crew for a great team effort. Will be good to get the chief mate back for the next race.

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