Our Dream

Race results for race 4.


 Kathy and Tanya preparing the main sail for the first race of the year. After shaking off the Christmas cobwebs with a few practice runs on the sails, we were ready to go. Emma Ward was third over the start line, a slow start but she sailed consistently and considering we have no spinnaker as yet, we held our ground throughout the race.      

Captain Pete’s new tilt -o-meter gadget was very useful in determining the lean on Emma.  The seas were calm, about 10 knots and the north westerly winds kept us cool all afternoon.   Storm clouds were looming in the background, a great sight to see them developing in the distance on our way back to the lock.


2 Responses to Race 4 Jan 2018

  • this new format is cool. You are nailing the photo commentary. I like Peters
    tilt -o-meter gadget. Good luck for the race season Sue n Steve xx

    • Hey Sue and Steve. It’s great to hear from you. Thanks for your email. Pete and I are having great fun sailing, renovating and being able to share the experience with others. We will catch up with you when we head your way on our circumnavigation.Cheers.